Meet Mun.

Forlover Co Founder & Photographer

I first began my wedding photography journey in 2020. Since then, I knew that this was what I wanted to do for as long as I possibly could. Shooting love stories and making regular couples my movie stars never fail to fill my heart! Every wedding I leave, I leave with a heart filled with love and happiness.

My favorite part of the day is a wedding march in. Why? Because it is the most anticipated moment of the day. I can feel all the anxiety building up in the atmosphere and when the couple sets foot into the room all of that anxiety is quelled by so much joy!

Telling love stories makes me so happy and I will always go the extra mile for my couples!

Meet Jaz.

Forlover Co Videographer

My spark for content creation ignited back in 2018. I’ve always been in the marketing industry producing content for homegrown brands that we all know and heard of! Yet, there was always a persistent itch that remained unscratched. This was until I went on my first pre-wedding shoot with Mun that everything fell into place. The experience left me with a profound sense of fulfilment.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for filmmaking, my aim is to encapsulate your love story in frames that you can hold close to your heart endearingly. Each spoken vow, every tender gesture and every interaction will find their place within my lens that you can view for time to come.

Being able to capture the most cherished moments of life’s grandest celebration is my greatest honour. And I hope to be there to weave my magic when your special day comes forth.

Choose Forlover Co for your wedding photography and videography needs in Singapore, and experience a narrative that goes beyond the ordinary, weaving your love story into a tapestry of timeless moments.